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The venue for Grad Night 2021 has changed! 

We will now be holding Grad Night 2021 at Golf N' Stuff in Norwalk.  Golf N' Stuff is an outdoor venue with plenty of space to spread out with 4 mini golf courses, a large parking area which will be used for attractions and food, plus a go cart and bumper boat area.  The new venue has allowed us to add another hour to the event.  Golf N' Stuff will host us from 11:59pm until 5:00am.

Transportation and Time:
Buses will transport graduates from Temple City HS to Golf N' Stuff and back.  We are asking graduates to meet at TCHS no later than 10:00pm on June 11th to allow for check-in.  Buses will leave TCHS promptly at 11:00pm.  Buses will return to TCHS approximately 6:00am.

What is the cost of Grad Nite?
$125 per graduate, if paid in full by April 15, 2021.  There will be price increases starting April 16, 2021.

You may pay by:

Venmo @TCHS-GradNite

Check payable to:
Temple City HS Grad Nite

Mail to: 
TCHS Grad Nite, P.O. Box 325, Temple City, CA 91780-0325. 

Please include the completed signature page at the end of the revised 2021 contract.  The signed and completed signature page and full payment is required for the TCHS 2021 graduate to attend this event.

Does everyone need to sign it?  Why a revised contract?
Yes.  Since the venue for Grad Nite is off campus, the original contract had to be revised accordingly.  Please carefully read over the new, revised 2021 contract.  In order to attend the event, the new, revised 2021 contract signature page MUST be completely filled out, signed and returned to the Grad Nite Committee with your payment.  If you have already submitted payment, you must complete the signature page of the new, revised 2021 contract and return it to the Grad Nite Committee at the above address by February 1, 2021. 

Will there be any refunds? 
Refunds will ONLY be given if Golf N' Stuff cancels event due to COVID-19 or other emergency deemed by Golf N' Stuff.

Who puts on the Grad Nite event?
Volunteer parents and friends of TCHS offer their time to plan and put together the event through fundraisers and donations.
Why are we not having Grad Nite on campus?
Our first choice was to have the event on campus as it has traditionally been since 1993.  However, due to the events that occurred last spring with COVID-19, which shut down the campus, preventing the class of 2020 from holding Grad Nite, we came up with a Plan B to avoid this issue.  Since the event is being held off campus, Grad Nite will occur unless the government shuts everything down due to COVID-19 or like emergency.
What safety measures are in place at this venue?
Golf N' Stuff follows all mandates in place and maintains a rigorous process around cleanliness and hygiene.  Any steps that are mandated at the time of the event will be taken into consideration to keep everyone safe. (For more information see the Golf N' Stuff CDC page.)
What if I can’t come up with the full payment by February 1st?
We want every graduate to have the opportunity to attend Grad Nite.  If you are having financial difficulties, please contact Grad Nite Committee co-chair Sherry Goin at 626-652-5098 to help you with a payment plan.  Correspondence will remain confidential.  However, you will NOT be eligible for the $100 Amazon card drawing.
Is dinner going to be served?
A formal dinner will NOT be served.  There will be food and drinks to snack on throughout the night.
How should I dress?
A Grad Nite t-shirt, which is required to be worn in order to attend the event, is considered part of your “admission ticket” for Grad Nite so dress is casual.  It will probably be quite cool, so dressing accordingly (such as pants and light jacket or sweater) is highly recommended.  School dress code rules will strictly be followed, i.e. NO short shorts or short dresses (above the fingertips, hands at side), NO revealing clothing (exposing body parts like buttocks, breasts, and the like), no ripped or torn clothes, etc.  
Is Grad Nite going to be like a prom?
No.  Grad Nite is an event for you to have one last hurrah with your classmates (no dates/escorts from other classes or schools).  This is the last time the TCHS Class of 2021 will be together as a group for the foreseeable future.  It is a casual event (hence the Grad Nite t-shirts).  There will be a DJ, but dancing is not the main event.  We are planning to have other activities that will be included for you to participate in and make lasting memories.
What does SAFE and SOBER event mean?
No Alcohol or Drugs/Drug Paraphernalia will be allowed at this event.  Attendees agree to not partake or bring substances legal or illegal that will impair them during this event.  This is important especially for safety reasons.  Students will go through a search process prior to leaving the high school and again prior to entering the venue, Golf N' Stuff.*  If an attendee appears to be or is impaired, they will NOT be permitted to attend the event.  Parents will be required and committed to pick up his/her child immediately and there will be NO REFUND.
Other items not permitted: Flasks-Sharp Objects-ALL Tobacco Products-Lighters/Matches-Water Bottles-Markers-Wallet Chains-Pencils & Pens-Weapons-Gum/Open Mint Containers-Containers with a screw-on cap or lid including perfume/cologne bottles-Any Illegal Substance.

*Security will be on hand to check for contraband. 

updated 03/09/2021