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1. Grad Nite event commences at 9:30 pm on June 11, 2021 when   
    graduates* board the bus and concludes at approximately 4:45am 
    on June 12, 2021 when they disembark the bus. Graduate may not

    arrive later than 9:45 pm on June 11th as bus will be leaving at
    10:00pm sharp! Students will be notified in advance if there is a
    change in time. Graduate agrees to remain at the event for the
    duration and understands that upon boarding the bus, graduate will
    NOT be permitted to leave early
unless the medical staff
    determines that it is necessary and that parent/guardian must pick
    graduate up at location of event. In the event that graduate does
    leave, he/she will NOT be permitted to return. Graduate AND
    parent/guardian understand and agree Grad Nite Committee is in no
    way responsible for graduate or any subsequent actions on
    graduate’s actions on graduate’s part should graduate leave the
    premises of event.

2. Graduate and parent/guardian understand that this is a drug-free, 
    alcohol-free, and tobacco/vaping free graduation celebration and that
    there is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for stated actions. Graduate
    also agrees to act as a responsible individual, in an acceptable and
    respectful manner AT ALL TIMES while participating in the Grad Nite
    event. Graduate agrees to arrive sober and will NOT bring and/or
    consume any drugs, alcohol, tobacco/vaping products at the Grad
    Nite event. The graduate will be immediately excluded from the event
    if he/she appears to be under the influence or in possession of drugs
    or alcohol. Graduate’s parent/guardian will be responsible for
    immediately picking up graduate from event upon contact. In
    addition, the Grad Nite Personnel may choose to contact the Los
    Angeles County Sheriff or local authorities and/or emergency medical
    personnel. Graduate’s family will be responsible for any cost incurred.
    Graduate will NOT receive any reimbursement or refund from
    Grad Nite.

3. Graduate understands that Grad Nite requires an inspection of ALL
    graduates and their belongings. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s K-9
    unit will be a part of the inspection, as well as security at the venue.
    Graduate agrees to be patted down as part of inspection.

4. Graduate and parent/guardian herby grants permission to the Temple
    City High School Grand Nite Committee to use graduate’s photograph
    on its World Wide Web site or in other Temple City High School Grad
    Nite publications or promotions without further consideration.
    Understand that once an image posts on the web site, any computer
    user on or off campus can download the image.

5. Graduate and parent/guardian understand that the Grad Nite fee is
    non-refundable unless Hornblower Cruiser and Events
    cancels Grad Nite event due to COVID-19

6. I understand that I hold the TCHS Grad Nite Committee, it’s officers,
   agents and employees harmless from any and all liability or claims
   which may arise out of or in connection with Graduate’s participation
   in this event.

Updated 9/23/2020

Ticket Prices: 
$125 – Now until January 30, 2021
$145 – Feb. 1, 2021 to May 1, 2021
$165 – May 2, 2021